160mm Magnetic Wheel and Turret Set for X50 by Garima Design

Machined in Italy from 6026 Aluminium

160mm Magnetic Wheel

37mm Elevation Turret Cap


Full Specifications for 160mm Magnetic Wheel & Turret Set (PDF)

Wheel Size:  160mm Diameter

Material: 6026 Aluminium

Connection:  Magnetic adapter to X50 side parallax turret cap

Turret Cap Size: 37mm Diameter

Material : 6026 Aluminium

Connection: Fixed to X50 turret spline using Garima adapter

Compatibility : Fits model codes X503/4/5

160mm Aluminium Wheel
Slider adjustment screws for any temperature variation when ranging
Elevation turret cap
Turret adapter, fixes to X50 turret spline
Top screw for turret cap, install finger tight only