M18+ 4-18×44 Riflescope MRAD

Choice of First or Second Focal Plane Reticle Installation

Medium to high power variable magnification Rifle Scopes, designed to aid in the rapid engagement of multiple targets at varying and often unknown ranges.


Magnification Range:  4-18x

Field of View @ 100y:  27.0 – 7.0ft

Eye Relief:  85mm

Minimum Parallax Distance:  10m

Total Elevation Adjustment Range:  24.0MRAD

Adjustment Value Per Click:  0.1MRAD

Adjustment Per Turn:  10.0MRAD

Reticle Choice 1:  B28 FFP Install. Order Code M187. (PDF Diagram here)

Reticle Choice 2:  EMD2 FFP Install. Order Code M182. (PDF Diagram here)

Total Length:   357.6mm

Weight:   740g

Tube Diameter:   30mm / 1.18in

Construction:   1 Piece Tube/Saddle/Objective

Objective Lens Diameter:   44mm

Outer Objective Diameter:   50.9mm

Outer Ocular Diameter:   42.3mm

Mounting Length & Exterior Dimensions : (PDF Diagram here)

Additional Sunshades:  2 Supplied

Flip Up Lens Covers: Yes, Supplied

Objective end. Contains the objective lens assembly and objective lens hood. Both the sunshade and objective cover thread into the objective hood
Elevation and Windage turrets. These are used to adjust the position of the reticle and ’zero in’.
Side parallax adjustment turret. Sometimes referred to as ’side focus’ or ’SF’. This turret is used to dial out parallax, it adjusts back and forth
Saddle section. This houses the elevation, windage and side parallax turrets. To the front and rear of the saddle section is the 30mm main tube
Elevation and Windage turrets. These are used to adjust the position of the reticle and ’zero in’
Magnification ring. This rotates to adjust the magnification setting
Eyepiece section
Ocular end. Contains the ocular lens assembly. This is threaded for adjustment, sometimes referred to diopter correction or ‘European style fast focus eyepiece’.
  • Nitrogen Purged.
  • Waterproof Tested.
  • Recoil Tested up to and including .338LM. (And we say .338LM as in our experience these tend to do more damage than the .50BMG)
  • Hand Tested and Quality Control passed in the UK.
  • Global Warranty.