Honest Product. Honest Price.

Falcon Optical Systems have been operating from Staffordshire, United Kingdom for over 10 years. Within that time Falcon have carved a global reputation based on understated innovation coupled with genuine value for money.

Falcon believe in offering an honest product at an honest price and do so at the expense of gimmickery and marketing jargon. You wont find outrageous light transmission figures without validation or context, nor claims of 4K HD lenses from Falcon. After all we build optics and not TV sets.

All our designs are constructed within a 30mm main tube as the basis. Each of them utilise a fully multi coated optical system and will sometimes incorporate ED (Extra Low Dispersion) lens elements.

In reality that just means that Falcon have worked very hard to combine:

1) The right optical design for the product that is being built


2) The right optical glass and lens technology to enable competent execution of said optical design.

There is a great deal to be said for getting this process correct. Less important is the glass country of origin or whether the lenses are “high def”.

Buy Local

Falcon Optical Systems have a global dealer network. It stretches from Brisbane Australia to Midlothian Texas and covers most of what is in-between.

Wherever possible we urge you to buy local and support the Falcon stockist in your country. Check our “Where to Buy” page to find your closest stockist..

Buy Direct

We frequently sell directly to those difficult to reach places where we have no local stockist in place. If you are having difficulty getting hold of our product then by all means contact us directly with your full delivery address and model code of interest.

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