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X50 Revised Parallax & Cam Design

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Since we started offering optics for Field Target use, back in the mid 2000’s, we found that some shooters were very quick to tell us that “bigger was better”.
What they were asking us for was not just bigger in terms of wheel diameter, but also the wheel gap or spacing at the all-important 50-55y / 45m>50m distance increments that are so critical to Field Target competition.
Naturally, we listened, but from an engineering standpoint, it was difficult to deliver the huge wheel gaps/spacing that were being requested AND combine with the consistency of mechanism required for accurate and repeatable range-finding in FT. We used the downtime during the extended COVID shutdowns, both in the UK and Japan (where X50 is built), to re-engineer and trial a solution….
Deliveries have now started of a new X50 10-50×60 model code (X505FT). This gives the same opto-mechanical performance as X50 of old, but combines with a newly engineered side parallax mechanism and cam design that will deliver approximately 2x the gap/spacing at those all important 40>50m targets.
The scope relies on the use of fine detail as offered by the low dispersion system, that will need to be “learned” and a consistent range-finding method to deliver these results, much like the fixed mag competition scopes of the recent past (40×45 and 45×45) that many on the FT circuit will be familiar with.
As before, the minimum parallax distance for X505FT is from 9m, and as with all X50 delivered from late 2022 onwards, the scopes will feature an improved anodise standard with a darker and slightly less matte finish that will help protect generally and aid thermal stability.
> 10-50 Magnification
> 1/8MOA Adjustment
> Matching MOA Line Reticle, true MOA @ 25x
> +50MOA Travel Range
> Precise & consistent range-finding out to 50m and beyond.
> Built in Japan
Understated. Honest. Accomplished.

Find Your Nearest Falcon Optics Stockists

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Have you checked out our new ‘Where to buy‘ page? If not, click here to check it out. You can now use your location to find your nearest stockist of Falcon Optics Rifle Scopes. Visit the page, enter your town, postcode or even just your country to view your nearest store along with directions via Google Maps. We hope you enjoy using this new feature and let us know if you have any feedback in the comments below.